• David Bornancin

You think your Great, take another look!

Hello everyone from around the world and all the Hard working people out there who make our lives better and more productive. And also to the entire Medical Field and the truly dedicated people who put their life on the line everyday to save another life, thank you all.

Today I’m going to focus on People, just everyday people and in all industries and businesses because this Hot topic covers it all and it pertains to everyone. “You think your Great”, take another LOOK, is all about what we all perceive as how good we think we are in any given Job, Business, Career or Workplace. Why have I decided to look at this and why is it so important to all of you and the world around us. Why, because we all think we are Super Stars at what we do and sometimes we even think we are better then others in our group or office or business.

Think again, because you are just a person with talents and you are no better then anyone else. And by the way if you have not noticed by now everyone else is gunning for you and your position. They will kill themselves to beat you and do a better job. It’s just the way the world works. Everyone want’s to be the best, everyone want’s to be number one and everyone want’s to replace you.

So when you think you are Great, Stop everything and analyze your environment, people and position, job or career and say, wow I’m just trying to do my best but others around me just might be as talented and great to so I need to work harder and produce High Quality Work Product. It’s a change in thinking and it’s a change in mindset.

In all my life and career I had to work harder, study more, drive to success on my own, complete all the tasks and bring home the bacon, meaning generate millions of dollars and gain the number #1 spot. Was it hard yes, was it easy no but was it rewarding yes.

I never ever let my brain and mind think I was the Best ever, nor did I ever think I was great. I always treated people with respect and always believed they might be better then me and even more talented because it created a powerful edge and it kept me grounded.

I don’t care what you do and what your job is or career because everyone can be extremely good at it. I don’t care where you come from or what country you live in because we all face the same issues and problems in life but no matter what, everyone can be Great and Powerful and the Best.

“You think your Great, take another Look” is all about your perception in life and who you are and what you think about other people. I never think I’m great because it keeps me Motivated and Driven and always wanting to be the Best at anything I do. When you think you might be on Top look around you because you can drop in seconds to number Ten on the list because others are Great to.

Thanks everyone for checking out my posts and reading my words. I hope in all my writings something clicks and Helps you in life.


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