You get what you Put In Script

Updated: Mar 21

You get what you Put In

Welcome back to another new Episode

And Series of David Bornancin Unscripted

Where I seek out answers and provide advice

To many people in need and searching for Hope

In this Episode it’s all about “You Get”

What you put In”

How do we look at this

How do we all analyze this

What does it mean and who can gain from it

Is this something your Mom or Dad would have told you

Is this something we turn to the heavens above

And seek out answers to

Or is it pretty simple to understand

Wait let me try this out

You get what you put in

Makes sense

If I work my ass off everyday

And stay very focused

And have a solid Goal and Path

And steps to get to the finish-line

Then I will for sure gain something and get a return on my efforts

But But do people actually do the work

Does everyone see a result of hard work

Do people understand that you gain noting

When doing nothing

In Sales, Marketing, Corporate America, Banking, Medical and hundreds

Of other fields

You can only succeed if you put in the work

You can’t solve a major problem unless you first learn

What the problem is all about and what are the steps to fix it

So you want to go into Space yet you know nothing about a

Spacecraft, Gravity, Rocket Engines, Oxygen, Mode of travel,

Food Requirements, Mental Condition, Controls and Mechanics

Maybe by now you see my point

You only get what you carefully put in the work to get

If you think it’s easy to travel into space good luck with that

If you think it’s easy to get something for free or something that does not require

Work, Think again. Do the Hard things now to Gain a Better Life in the Future!

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