• David Bornancin

When did Money replace Pride

Hello all and thanks for stopping by and reading my Posts and Articles. This time around I really want to look at the finished results and address what I mean by Pride and not just the money in my writings. There has always been people who want to sell you something.

It might be cars, insurance, medical plans, Real Estate, Computers and a million more things. But have you ever noticed that the sale was more important then you getting the value you need from that sale? Have you ever walked away and say I paid a lot of money only to have to do things yourself and learn new technologies or how to use something? Have you also noticed that the sales person didn’t really care if you loved the product or not just that it was another sale to them.

It’s time to review the process and it’s time to address what I call “The Pride Factor”. In my long intense amazing career I loved selling stuff and closing the deal but I learned at an early age if the customer is not happy with the products they will never come back for more or even recommend you to others. Why because people want to know that the product they purchased is great and it works and that you care about them and you will train them and team them how to take advantage of the products and get the most value out of them.

Selling is an “Art” and knowing that it’s more important to make a sale a success then the commission money is everything.

What Happened in the World of Sales;

Sell hard and Fast

Confuse the customer so they just buy

Don’t worry about the post Sales Events

Don’t worry if the customer can’t use the products

Never revisit the customer after the sale

Don’t provide important training and help

What the Hell went wrong with people and processes. Pride over Money is the Key to having a great career and becoming the Best in your field. People will buy a product if they trust you and if they feel you will help them in the Post Process after the sale. Never think for a moment that bad customer support will equal more sales, or ever bring you new customers.

I was taught at a very early age by my Parents that doing your best work will make your life better and that you take pride in everything you do. In sales it’s not a game and it’s not “Hit It” and move on logic. You can sell all day long but not caring about after sales is the death of your career and business.

We all have a place in this world and we can take pride in what we do or we can just do something only because we want the money. Next time you sell something think about where you fit in this script.


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