• David Bornancin

What's wrong with GUYS Today?

So for this day our Topic and Title is

“What’s wrong with Guys Today”

Yes that’s right it’s all about the guys out there

And what I see and what I hear about

Many people I coach around the country

They thank me for all my help and advice about their


Work Habits

New Job searches

Stress related concerns

Making money

And then after all that they start to tell me stories about

Guys they go out with

Guys they date

Issues that come up Concerns about building a relationship

And then it all comes down to the questions

Of why are guys so screwed up

And What’s wrong with them

And I’m always interested and yet surprised by

So many comments and

You can feel the pain in their voices

So I have studied this for a while now

because in over 35 years of traveling

And meeting so many people both here

In the US and abroad you get to meet

A lot of people

So here is what I think and feel about such a topic

And by no means does this apply to all guys out there

Nor is it an example of these things fix all

But more about what are real concerns I might

Have if I was in ones shoes and searching for a mate

Or companion

This is what I have seen with my own eyes

And what all the gals say and comment on

First why are so many guys feeling so much pressure

in their life and in today’s world? What is going

on that makes them always feel under pressure?

Why are guys tired after a 9 hour day and can’t

go out or even feel like engaging in great conversations

while enjoying company from others?

Why are guys putting everyone in a friends zone

and nothing more?

Why is there a problem with commitment?

What is it that so many guys are searching for something

and not able to see what’s in front of them?

And what makes them tick in today’s world?

So key factors that we are seeing!

1. To tired

2. Not Motivated

3. To lazy

4. Only wanting coffee buddies

5. To uncommitted

6. To stressed out

7. Under to much pain

8. To unfocused

9. Only date a little and no interest in the beyond

10. Staying in a very controlled comfort zone

These factors are just a few example of a much deeper problems

What happened to the Guys who want

Independent Woman

Hard working ones

Smart and knowledgeable

Have a good sense of humor

Know where they are going

Successful and Naughty

Kind and yet care about People

Driven and always willing to support others

More then not will say yes that’s great but

I just can’t see myself in a relationship

It’s just to hard and to stressful

It’s just to emotional and painful

And I don’t ever want to get hurt

Wow, here we are folks at this Point in time

And our Title What’s wrong with guys today!

What happened to people?

What caused this problem and why does it continue?

Why are so many guys misdirected, uncommitted

Not wanted to take a chance on others

And why are so many gals seeing this as a real problem?

I can offer a lot of suggestions but not sure it would

Fix the problem

I grew up in a different time and generation

Where we were taught at an early age about life and people

Coming from a background of Hard Work

Take control, drive to your own success

Support others in their dreams and hopes

Keep focused and never say no

Always search to better yourself and never stop

Doing more to improve lives around you

Be confident in yourself and treat woman right

And know how to find a connection and

Deal with any problems or issues that arise

Without hesitation or worry

What has happened in today’s generation

Is truly hard to understand

What makes so many feel that their life is meaning less

That to much pain and stress comes from others

that so many Challenges are in front of them

That the entire world is putting pressure on them

And no woman is worth all that

Even in most cases

Who what a sad state of affairs

So my advice to all the woman out there

Stop wasting time on guys who

Just are not that interesting, not wanting more

Not willing to support you in life

Not wanting commitment

Not willing to reach for the stars

Feel that they can’t deal with pressure and stress

Can’t offer a better life and a vision for the future

And don’t want to make an effort to see you for real

See who you are and why you are so important

In the first Virtual Video Conference Call

decide quickly if it’s right or good

And make good decision for yourself

I hope to all my listeners I opened up a door

In this Episode and discussion on the issues of today

And please come join me once again for my

Up coming episodes and topics.

May you all be blessed and forever follow your dreams!


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