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What makes People do Things?

What makes People do things?

Hello and welcome back to my Podcast Show and this new Post. It’s about time we take a look at the real issues, concerns and problems people maybe facing or why they do what they do. It’s also time to go deeper and see if this is happening in your business, company or with your sales teams. Some say we are all in this together, but maybe that’s not the total picture and end results.

Topics for this Post

- Habits

- Work related items

- Patterns

- Life Changing Events

- Staying in your lane


Let’s start with habits and how that can affect performance. Everyone can start their day off right and maybe get going at around 8:00 AM and have the first cup of coffee and then maybe start reviewing their email box and pretty soon their having their next cup of coffee or Tea and by 1:00 PM nothing super productive is getting done. No real customer contacts and no new email campaigns are happening and still no real follow-up with the most important accounts or new clients. Why does this happen because we all think were being productive yet we fall into these habits and before long it’s truly hard to fix. The truth is we hate doing the Hard Things first and we prefer in many cases to coast sometimes and then get going but the day is already gone. This area is something to think about.

Work Related Items:

This can affect people in many ways. If you are faced with changes on a daily and weekly basis and always reacting to problems and issues it will throw you off your game and it’s hard to reset yourself in motion. Your working on a major deal and project only to be redirected to address another customer issue or concern and maybe to even pitch in on other projects and without knowing it this can impact millions of dollars in new revenues. There are so many examples in this topic and it can be anything but also other people taking up your time and always reaching out to you for help or advice. While we all want to help everyone on the team and be successful sometimes it time to just focus on you and your important work.


This topic is also related to Habits and how many fall into a Pattern and can never get out of a crazy cycle. Get up every morning and say this day is going to be my best day ever and I will exceed my goals and numbers. Don’t fall into anyone pattern and think you are doing well and can make it. Bad habits and patterns can kill you when looking for results on a consistent basis. Going to lunch and taking one hour and a half, putting off returning calls until 3:00PM everyday, not doing your cold calling everyday like clock work, not running email campaigns all the time, not being ready for calls with proper scripts. You get the point that bad habits and getting into problematic patterns can hurt you in every-way.

Life Changing Events:

We all have these and they can affect our work, our family and our production. There is no way anyone can predict what might happen in your life or any given day. But I can tell you I have had several Life changing event happen to me over 40 Years and I never let it get me down or impact my work. I address the issue, look at the problem you are facing and come up with a workable plan. I implement it and stay on track to deal with that. At the same time I also have a plan for my work and I implement that one as well. Sometimes I have to work 18 to 20 Hour days and no stopping in order to do both processes and work. But in the end I continued to deal with Life changing Events and also produce the best results. Find a way to make both thing happen.

Staying in your Lane:

This topic is all about people who only want to do one thing. They are good at it and they like what they do and they don’t like change. I went from a 14 year old Car Wash Manger running a 9 person crew to a Software Sales Executive managing over 100 people and a 60 Million Budget. You don’t do this staying in your lane. Staying in your lane and not taking risks and wanting to try other things is a problem and can lead you to a bad career path in the long run. Do what other can’t do, do what people say can’t be done, try new things, positions and jobs in order to test your own skills and abilities. Go beyond what others only dream of. And don’t ever be afraid to FAIL every time. You will become the best in every-way possible.

I want to thank you all for reading this new post and please provide any feedback and any questions you might have. Have a wonderful life.


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