What are you Good At? Story behind the Video!

What are you GOOD at?

Stop Dreaming and Thinking of things that will never happen. Stop telling yourself that you can be a Rock Star and Sing fantastic songs when you never spent one moment learning how to sing, getting a singing coach or even taking lessons and send 5 years perfecting that skill and talent.

What I’m getting at is I believe anything is possible and I live by that. And in Fact I’m a dreamer at times to and think of 100 new ideas and think I can do them all to. But reality sets in and then I know OK maybe I can do 10 of my 100 ideas and put together a plan for that.

Focus all your energy on something you are good at. What does that mean. IF you are a great teacher then get even better and teach the world. If you are in Finance and you know investments and can help people make millions make that happen. If you know how to build Homes and want to continue keep looking at new designs and create the most special homes.

The point is many try to move outside of their true talents and think I can do that, and I would say that’s wonderful and exciting and may open an opportunity. But if you need to put food on the table and pay rents and cars and more then use your GOD given talents and expand your reach.

Example; I love Sales and High Tech Advanced technologies. But let’s say I’m not happy with my Job or career at this moment. I might not then become a plumber and say let me try that job and see how I might do, but decide to find a better job in Sales and a much better position. My point is I would still use my talents to make things happen only change what I hate about my current position and company.

I must say many like myself can do multiple tasks, jobs, things such as (Sales, Builder, Key Note Speaker, Video & Audio Specialist, Podcast Host and Producer, Artist, Writer and so many more Talents. So in this case if you hold many other Talents then go for it.

But make sure you don’t lose time and energy in the process. Change your life and change your vision. Make this happen by using every inch of your true Talents no matter what they are.

What are you GOOD at is all about taking what you know already and applying it to real life Jobs and Goals. You can have a wonderful life if you focus on what’s in front of you and who you are.

I hope this inspires you and if you like this check out my Podcast,

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