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They said it was Easy!

They said it was EASY

Hello and welcome back to my show and bonus post. I have always created and produced my Podcast Show “David Bornancin Unscripted” for now over 2 years and into Season 4. But I decided that since my show has been a SOLO show and I provided a lot of coaching and advice it’s time to close this show out and start a new adventure and Podcast show for 2022.

Thanks to all of you I already have my title and will only be doing Guest interviews and always talking about hot topics for sure. Today is all about things being Easy; “They Said it was Easy”, our title for today.

When is it ever Easy?

What’s makes things Easy?

Why do people always think Sales are Easy?

And why do people assume Sales People are just working for the money?

There is nothing easy about being a Professional Sales Person and that means everyone, woman, men, young adults, kids you get the point. The is nothing given to you nor is there ever a pad on the back for being second place.

Sales is intense, stressful, painful, extreme, exhausting and never leaves your mind body and soul. But it also can be rewarding, exciting, exceptional, passionate, caring and filled with self worth. No one tells you that you need to KILL it every day seven days a week. You need to outperform everyone on your team and shine year over year to be the best at it.

Oh and let’s not forget the knowledge you need to have in order to truly be talented at it. You need to read everything, engage in many forms of sales, test out scripts all the time, learn from failures and gain valuable lessons from your clients and customers.

When you care more about commissions then your customer you already lost everything. When you care more about that very next deal then you do about making that company successful then you need to get out ASAP. Sales is not game and it’s not for the weak. You work hard to get better at it each and every day and you never stop improving.

Just to be part of the TOP Performers Club, you need to make $200K a year. If you want to be considered as one of the best $400K a year and to gain total respect over $500K per year. It sounds impossible but it’s not about the money but about skills.

When people say it looks easy, stop and smile and say try it and go for it. Thanks so much and I hope you all enjoy the Holidays.


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