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Respect Opinions!

Respect Opinions!

Hi everyone and hope you have a wonderful two months filled with hope, dreams and Holiday spirits. Today’s post and writings are all about people and “Opinions” and how and what is said affects people and changed people. This topic is no easy one to discuss because somehow and somewhere you just might piss someone off and upset them.

But the real insight here is not about the words said or not said but more about Respect and better understanding. Everyone of us have all kinds of opinions on everything.

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And a million of things that we can debate all day long. But stop for a moment and think about this example. I start talking about solar power and looking at using it for my home. Now ten people have opinions about this subject. Know one thing that you might not be an expert on energy management and energy transformation. I want to hear everyone's opinion right or wrong, good or bad, up or down and in between. I don’t judge you, and I learn how to listen, and then make the best decision for my self.

Respect is a very hard thing to learn, If you can’t understand everyone's view and opinions and then take in all in and decide what to do. No one person is an expect on everything and every item. No one person is right or wrong.

Don’t get upset if someone has a different view on an item or life because they deserve the right to offer an opinion. I like talking to people from around the world because I like learning new things and getting a closer look at their world and their environment. And when it comes to items or discussions I have a total open mind about it and never disrespect their comments or opinions because that’s how we all grow.

When you think about life and in general most people have roughly 90 years to grow, learn, progress and see life around them before they return to the dust on this planet, then you find that opinions are just that, a set of words spoken which opens a door to understanding and more knowledge. So respect others around you who may have an opinion which is different then yours and grow from that.


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