• David Bornancin

Put in the Work

Hi everyone and yes November is right around the corner and it’s almost another year gone by. It’s becoming a mixture and blend of work, play and family events. But the common theme and goal is what have you done lately and will your work amount to anything.

Today is all about “Put in the Work” our topic for today’s discussion and advice. I’m retired and I think I’m working harder now then I did sometimes in the past. Why many may ask because I like to stay focused, busy and driven to an end cause and goal. Projects I’m working on include;

1. Producing my Podcast Show and Growing it every week.

2. Writing new Posts and Articles every week for my Platforms

3. Launching and working my Art Work and Paintings (Website, Show Events, POS systems, New Creations)

4. Building and redoing my (3) Websites and updating every week

5. Recording and Editing New Episodes on a weekly basis

6. Coaching People for Career Advancement and Placement

I don’t tell you all this to impress but to let you know that even in retirement there's a lot of work to manage and get done.

Put in the Work mean just that. No Matter what you decided to do with your life and career it takes a lot of work and talent and focus. You have to force yourself to do all the hard work and set your working hours and get the work done. To many think life is just a playground and does not require much work or a level of commitment. You are dead wrong because;

Trying to be the Best

Making a Lot of Money

Advancing your Career

Finding that super great Job

Creating a great attitude

Making your day filled with results

Changing your mindset

Making a difference in the world

It all comes together and you have to put in the work in order to reap the benefits and enjoy other moments. Many look for a faster quicker road to travel. Many look at a lot of crazy opportunities and filled with uncontrollably risk. The bottom-line is there is no easy path to success and no one person or company or business is just going to give you money or other assets for noting.

There is NO FREE Ride in life. “Put in the Work” mean just that. Start early in life and work your ass off until you bleed and hurt and wish you could go another day. Do all the hard stuff and then stay focused and you will reap all the success and fortunes you expected to see and enjoy.

May you all be blessed and forever see the world and people around you!


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