• David Bornancin

Giving Up

"Giving Up Script" Do you ever feel like giving up?

“Giving Up”

Has this ever happened to you?

Where everyone tells you get lost, no talent, bad idea, stupid approach

And No Marketing plan

And You have no talent

You have no skills

You don’t have a plan

You never going to finish that project

And you just going to end up on the streets

If I would have listened to all the people who told me

You’re not going to make it and forget your crazy ideas

Then I would never have been in Sales and Never in the Software World

And Technologies for over 33 years

We all have these ideas floating in our heads

Things we think about and possible good business ideas

Or Money-making ideas.

I love Software Sales, But I also love Painting and Flying Planes and Traveling

Some might say, great another set of pipe dreams

Get back to work

Many at this point would say enough is enough and just quit their dreams

I used to paint late at night until 2:00 AM and my painting were by design

Expressionism, Interpretive styles and type

Some people got me, and others said I must like space and Aliens

But I painted over 30 paintings and 23 now reside in homes and businesses

The message is clear, I didn’t care what other people think nor would

I ever let it stop me doing anything I love

So, stop giving up. Start your day and life with

Screw it, I’m going to use my ideas and logic and build my own Brand and Business.

I’m going to go beyond my limitations and boundaries

Ones Ideas and Designs are of Value and can change the world

Don't ever Give Up! Make your voice heard and make a real difference.

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