Don't think your to GOOD!

Don’t think you to Good

Hello everyone and I hope you are doing well and having a great 2021. This post is all about people and their habits and some think they are to good to do the hard and not so nice things in life. When you get to a point and you think WOW, I’m not going to sweep that floor and throw out the garage or put the files away or even sit their and data entry then you already lost in life. I worked in a very advanced high tech Software world and I can tell you I would do what ever is needed to do the job and help other people out.

The measurement of a person is not wealth but pride in the ability to help others or pitch in when needed and do the simple yet not so pleasant tasks at that moment. I’m not better then anyone else and I treat the people cleaning my office as CEO’s of their world and job. We are all in this together in life.

Next time you think no way would I do that, think again and say no problem I can Help!

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