Brutal Truth in Selling $$$$ 1 Billion Dollars Script

Brutal Truth to Selling $1 Billion Dollars Intro

I’m a Software Sales Professional and Executive

Recently Retired and moved on to other things

I Host and Produce my Podcast Show

I’m a local Artist Sold over $20,000 in Art Work

I provide Free Coaching to many people around the World

Hurting and in need of advice and help

Built Two Websites

David Bornancin Unscripted for my Podcast

David Bornancin for my Art Work

But today this New Episode is all about

The Path to $1 Billion Dollars

So first thank you for returning back to my show

And that’s for listening and your support

There are a lot of questions that needs to be answered

Before you get the real picture to selling

And selling Multi-Million dollar contracts and deals

Where do you start

Who are you clients

What would you do

What would you sacrifice

How long would you do it

What keeps you motivated

How do you handle rejection

How do you interact with others

Can you continue to produce revenues over 100%

And what do you do to recover in a bad year

And is money more important then your customers

I’m going to take you along with me on this

3 Part Series and Journey

And I will talk about real life experiences

And what it took and how did I make it

To the Billion Dollar Club and Selling Group

It’s not easy selling anything even if it’s just $100 Dollars

But stop and think about how would you get to

The Billion mark in your lifetime

And what would you do to get there

This is just the intro into my

3 Part series and what I did to make it Happen

But there will be some real surprises and details

Along the way and Roadblocks and challenges

This is going to be a Must Listen

And if you are in sales or getting into sales

It’s perfect for you

Thanks again for listening and I look

Forward to my next Episode

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