Hi! David Here

Welcome everyone to my Podcast, Blog and Writers Page and site.  A little history to start things off.  I have been in Software and Advanced Technology Sales for over 36 years and every possible Job title in the field.  The reason why I share such things is that I have become an Expect in many areas such as careers, jobs, work related issues, stress and anxiety, new hires, career paths, sales, business and so much more.

My Podcast consists of a Hosting site by Buzzsprout, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Professional Network, Yourtube Channel, published on every platform and playing in all countries.  This is not to impress but to lay the ground work for all the things I talk about and offer.

I coach 10 people every month and I record, edit and produce all my own work.  My job in life is to help people and give out advice and coach them to have a better life.  I just recently retired from the software world and focus my energy on my writing, podcast, Art and Paintings and continue to bring hope to the people searching for answers.  Come join me on this journey and see what is possible and listen to my over 100 Episodes and so many posts.