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Learn all the key steps to take in order to find that next great Job or Position. I will provide a lot of advice on this very Hot Topic and discussion. When you are faced with a loss of job or work, when you are running out of money and need help and when you are facing the unknown, come join me for this Episode.

Podcast Transcript

“Wanting vs. Doing

Hello and thanks for coming back to my show and this new Episode

Today more then ever is an important time

In ones life to make good strong key decisions


Today the topic is all about Wanting something

Yet not doing the things needed to get there


Our title for today is “Wanting vs. Doing”

Is a perfect title in today's world

Why because just like you I have the same problems

I have the same desires and wants

And not always following the right path to get there


What does it all mean

First let’s start with the Wants


I want a new job

I want to make money

I want to drive a Motorcycle

I want that house

I want my own business

I want a great relationship and partner in life


I want, I want, I want

We all say these words and want stuff


But the real question is what are you willing to do?

How Far will you go

What pain are you willing to suffer

And how much work will you do to get there?


Wanting vs. Doing

Wow what a powerful set of words and concepts

Yet few are willing to follow


All my life it was always doing the hard things in order

To get to the finish-line and get into the Top 1%


But like you I have wants to

Like being a Pilot one day

Right now I cannot do all the things needed

But I have the Best Flight Simulators around

And I practice all the time to better my skills and knowledge

And prepare for my next event


Wanting takes focus

You must put together a plan

How will you make this want happen

What is needed to be successful

How will you stay motivated every day

And how will you measure your activities

And what will you do if you fail at the first attempts


You are not alone in this battle to become the best

And you are not going to get there unless you fail

A few times at the beginning of your journey

Getting what you want is no easy task

But it can be achieved


Go the distance and you will get there

Remember Wanting is only the first step


Your God given gifts will get you to getting it

Don’t let the nay Sayers stop you

Don’t let failures stop you

Don't let others sway you


Do what is needed now in order to enjoy the rewards

You so deserve


Thank you again for listening and forever be Blessed

Your Not Alone

A  3  part Series

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